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232 South Sutton Rd • Fort Mill, SC 29708
Sunday School Life Groups                                 9:45 am
Sunday Worship                               11:00 am & 6:00 pm
Wednesday Prayer Services        11:00 am & 6:30 
If we can be of assistance; please call the church office at
803 547-6150
Quilts of Valor
April 18, 2021
We strive to keep our church a safe and clean environment for all who worship with us.  We sanitize our worship building and maintain our facilities so we can worship together by maintaining social distancing, provide hand sanitizer and observe all regulations according to the State of South Carolina and CDC health regulations.
Life Groups Bible Study
 9:45 am
Sunday Worship
11:00 am
   6:00 pm
Wednesday Prayer Services
11:00 am
   6:30 pm
XYZ (seniors)
Meets 4th Tuesday
11:00 am
Ladies Bible Study
1st & 3rd Tuesday
6:30 pm
Nursing Home visits
2nd Tuesday
6:15 pm 
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“Westerly Hills Baptist is a Bible-based church that is seeking to reach people, support spiritual growth, and serve others for the Glory of Christ.”

“Transforming Lives for Eternity through the Gospel of Jesus Christ”

Core Values | Daniel 6:3

Intentional Prayer
“We believe in the power of intentional prayer in order to have a spiritually healthy church. As stated in the God’s Word, “The Lord will bless those who come to Him.” We should be purposeful in praying for our church, pastor, the lost and each other.”

Authority of God’s Word
“We believe the Bible is the holy, infallible, inerrant Word of God which guides us in our daily lives. We cherish the Word of God and claim 2 Timothy 3:16,17 that states, “The Word of God is profitable for doctrine, rep roof, correction and instruction in righteousness.”

Authentic Worship
“We are committed to making Christ the central focus of our worship by seeking to keep Him first in every person and ministry; and glorifying Him through our corporate services and our personal lives. We are not program- or preference-driven, but Christ-driven, with an all consuming passion to uplift and honor Jesus Christ in all that we do.”

Christ Centered Fellowship
“We value having prayerful relationships with other believers for edification, encouragement, and support through loving one another in Christ.”
Christ is Lord
“We believe Christ should be first in our lives and in the life of our Church. We strive to live in obedience to Christ and His Word and seek to be more like Jesus day by day.”

Living Missions
“We believe that Westerly Hills should live missions,, not only locally, but globally as commanded in Acts 1:8. We seek to accomplish this through partnering with other churches to support missions financially, physically, and through personal evangelism.”

Spiritual Leadership
“We aspire to develop Godly leaders who become committed servants of Christ because of their passion for Him and through the use of their spiritual gifts.”

Veronica: The Woman With The Issue of Blood (Women Who Met Jesus Book 2) by [Lucinda Weeks]
“Woman with the
Issue of Blood”
SALT Ladies Bible Study
Join in this Amazing Study
August 16, 2022
Morning Worship 11:00 am
Evening Worship 6:00 pm
Youth 6:00 pm
Prayer Service 11:00 am
Prayer Service   6:30 pm
Deacons’ Meeting
    August 9, 6:00 pm
Nursing Home
August 9, 6:15 pm
SALT Ladies Bible Study
August 16, 6:30 pm
“Woman with the Issue of Blood”
XYZ  (seniors)
July 26, 11:00 am
August 23, 2022
11:00 am

Nursing Home Ministry

Below are photos taken at the December 2012 Nursing Home Visit
Nursing Home Ministry (4)
Nursing Home Ministry (3)
Nursing Home Ministry (5)
Nursing Home Ministry (6)
Nursing Home Ministry (7)
Nursing Home Ministry (8)
Nursing Home Ministry (9)
Nursing Home Ministry (1)
Nursing Home Ministry (2)
Nursing Home Ministry
Westerly Hills Baptist Church
232 S. Sutton Rd
Fort Mill, SC 29708
Phone: 803.547.6150 Email: whbc@comporium.net
Worship Times
Lifestep Classes:   9:45AM Morning Service:  11:00AM Evening Service:    6:00PM
Wednesday Service: 11:00 AM Wednesday Service:  6:30 PM
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